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Patients' Outcomes

Nurse Manager

"One of the things we really focus on is our fall rates, and MF has just been phenomenal. We've gone from 12 in one quarter down to 5 which is huge at the VA..."


Patient Engagement

Health Systems Specialist

"...and with HealthClips and the education they provide, it really gives the patient the information they need to engage with their healthcare team."


Patients' Responses

RN/Team Leader

"The videos engage the families as well... they learn what is going on with their loved ones and what they are experiencing, which is beneficial for everyone."


Production Quality

Nurse Informaticist

"Your videos are far superior to the others we have seen within our network. Not only are they easy to comprehend but the delivery is polished."


Short and Sweet

Mgr Innovation/Process Transformation

"We chose HealthClips specifically because of the length of time; concise, to the point, and they recap the information, via bullet points or verbally at the end."


Superiority of Video

Registered Nurse

"...print is usually ignored. Patients may glance at it but with HealthClips, the information is right there in front of you and easily prescribed by providers."


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