Web delivery and integration - anytime, anywhere

Are you currently engaging people with videos on your website or health portals?  Patients and consumers want to be able see them anytime, anywhere. HealthClips® can be integrated with your websites or health portal.

Web streaming is a dynamic way to deliver health videos

Accessible from any web enabled device, content is viewable anytime, anywhere. Leveraging Milner-Fenwick’s video platform, videos will play responsively, on any device. The platform will recognize and convert files on the fly to meet bandwidth and device needs. We can provide embed codes or create customizable white labeled and hosted web pages.

Use our embed codes to seamlessly integrate Milner-Fenwick videos into your website or application. We support the streaming and it looks like its 100% part of your site. With 99.9% guaranteed up-time, it’s a smart streaming option, allowing for customized placement of video in strategic locations on your page.

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A turn-key customizable video library website.

Branded for your organization, this website hosts the videos you license for viewing anytime and anywhere, plus we can add any other videos you have permissions to use or have produced. 

This online health resource library can be the foundation for your organization's healthsystem integration, prescriptive education, Patient Portals, EMR integration, bedside education and reaching patients at home.  

A fully hosted web solution, simply provide the information you choose to have on your website:

  • choose relevant right side bar links and a banner ad
  • pick your choice of video titles
  • provide your logo
  • select your brand colors and fonts

... and we’ll build it for you!

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This single embed-code, hosting collections of videos, makes it easy for your web team to integrate health videos into your website. Topics such as Heart Failure; Wellness; or Pre-Diabetes can be added in full scope to your site with a single piece of code.


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