Tablet use in health education… portable, offline & networked

Pre-loaded with content in a closed environment or leveraging an app or website, tablets can be ideal within a clinical or learning setting.

Convenient for traveling nurses and rural health initiatives or hospital Wi-Fi dead zones, tablets are available in various price points and sizes, making them a flexible delivery device option.

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Reaching patients any where you need to with flexible portability:

Tablets are widely-used devices for accomplishing patient education objectives and health-related initiatives, whether or not you have web access. When loaded with quality content, they’re the ideal “carry-with-you” solution for many purposes including one-on-one counseling and usage for locations without WiFi connectivity.  Content options and versatility grow even further with web-based content and WiFi access.  Whatever your situation, your tablets can be put to good use for optimal patient outcomes.

mHealth is surging and proving that quality health education videos work.

Our digital formats allow for integration onto any mobile device providing 24/7 access and total ease of use. Videos can be used as part of an application or as stand-alone health content on tablets.

Put the power of empowering video health education to work for you. Accessible through tablets and mobile devices, we can help you reach people.

Use our embed codes to seamlessly integrate Milner-Fenwick videos into your website or application. We support the streaming and it looks like its 100% part of your site. With 99.9% guaranteed up-time, it’s a smart streaming option, allowing for customized placement of video in strategic locations on your page.

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If your application requires actual digital files to integrate or you want to download or preload videos directly onto tablets, we can meet your needs. Milner-Fenwick’s video files are available in the standard formatting MP4, MP2, Flash, etc. If you need a special format, just let us know. Order preloaded tablets right from us or supply your own.

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A turn-key customizable video library website.

We offer both standard web page layout or customized web page layout. Both are branded to your organization and host the videos you license plus we can add any videos produced by you or that you have permissions to use. This online health resource library can be the foundation for health system integration, prescriptive education, Patient Portals, EMR integration, bedside education and reaching patients at home.  

A fully hosted web solution, simply:

  • send relevant right side bar links and a banner ad
  • pick your video titles
  • provide your logo
  • select your brand colors and fonts

... and we’ll build it for you!

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 Call to discuss your needs: 800-432-8433

In a statement, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services said it is trying to reduce 'avoidable hospitable readmissions, which cost Medicare $26 billion a year and affect nearly one in five beneficiaries.’ The approaches include better discharge planning, home-based follow-up, and patient education, according to the federal health agency.

– Return Patients Vex Hospitals | Wall Street Journal, January 23, 2015
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