The true cost of healthcare for Payors and all of us…

Each and every one of us carries the burden of cost of today’s healthcare. Whether its employer provided health insurance, being self-insured, or through Medicare/Medicaid – the rising cost of health is something that affects us all.

Benefit Managers

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Pharmaceutical Companies & Medical Manufacturers

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Government Agencies

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Patient Education has a critical role to play to meet the demands of the shifting national focus towards preventative care and quality care. Reduced readmissions,  disease management, accountable care, and other compliance regulations need health content to be effective programs. 

Milner-Fenwick is leading the market in production and distribution of quality, behavior focused health education, empowering individuals to play an active role in managing their health. From avoiding acute attacks,  developing better management,  preventing worsening conditions and disease progression  to avoiding the ER,  we can turn the tide of rising costs. 

We believe in the power of health education as a means to prevention and cost control, and improving quality of life. We educate the industry on the importance of health education, and we collaborate on the improvement of care across the continuum.

Milner-Fenwick health videos can help you support the needs of associations and health technology platforms and their clients seeking to: 

  • Improve patient/client health outcomes through empowering, behavior changing content
  • Meet compliance and regulation needs (safety, infection control, smoking cessation)
  • Reduce readmissions; educating patients post discharge and keep them recovering safely at home
  • Increase HCAHPS scores through better communications between staff and patients
  • Support medication adherence
  • Inform and prepare patients prior to surgery
  • Support patients with shared education to family and home care providers 
  • Validate meaningful use
  • Provide accountable care and patient centered care
  • Drive patient portal utilization
  • Streamline staff efforts around education and deliver consistency in communication
  • Provide wellness and disease management education for healthier employees

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Why is Patient Engagement a National Priority?

Too many of us move through the healthcare system as passive recipients of care. Many patients:

  • are not asked how they want to be treated
  • do not feel adequately informed or involved in decisions about their care
  • do not understand important info healthcare providers discuss with them
  • do not have the knowledge or support to maintain their health

Patients need access to appropriate tools and support that equip them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively manage their health... self management strategies can help patients avoid exacerbations or setbacks, which can lead to burdensome and preventable treatments and hospitalizations.

Learn more in the related White Paper below.

Patient-Focused Health Education

Patient education has taken on more importance for accountable care organizations. As a delivery model based on outcomes rather than volume, ACOs need more effective educational tools to activate and engage the patient. This white paper looks at the relevant initiatives and considerations of the Affordable Care Act that relate to patient education.

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