Wellness Companies

When wellness is your business – educating your clients is 90% of the challenge.

Often-times people don’t know what they don’t know.

Assuming any level of health literacy with your clients can be a problem, even when you are working with well-educated individuals holding multiple degrees. Poor health literacy is widespread, driving up national health epidemics like obesity, diabetes, and heart failure. 

Set the right foundation for your wellness company.

Provide your clients with the educational resources they need to get a handle on wellness and increase the impact of your work. Better health-educated individuals ask better questions, engage better and stick with your program better. Provided online and branded to your company, HealthClips supports your clients anytime, anywhere they need it.

Give yourself the right tools to drive even greater outcomes.

Use supportive health education videos on your website, on DVDs or on a tablet. We can even build a website for you. Have an app? We’ll integrate. 

 Give us a call to learn more about licensing and delivery options: 800-432-8433.

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