Non-profits and Foundations

Leverage the power of quality health education to drive outcomes across your foundation, non-profit or service program.

The non-profit sector is a key component of health services and funding.

A lot of good work is happening. Together, we can support people with healthcare needs through education.

  • All play a vital role in advancing health and meeting basic care needs:
    Community foundations concerned with public health issues, national foundations driving impact through research and human services initiatives, and non-profits leading health research and care funding in critical disease areas. 
  • Milner-Fenwick health education supports this work, empowering your clients to take an active role in their health.
    Having high quality accessible content for critical national health education topics like diabetes, obesity, healthy lifestyle, smoking cessation, healthy baby can make an impactful difference. 

Drive your impact and reach your outcome goals through empowering health content from the HealthClips® library:

  • Include video health education in your grant funding for healthcare initiatives 
  • Drive population health communications with on-point videos that are sharable through banner ads, weblinks and social media, or distributable DVDs
  • Enhance health related program development for at risk population groups
  • Support disease specific research projects
  • Increase awareness efforts with health videos linked to your communications efforts

The HealthClips® Video Library allows you to offer content distinctives including:

  • Health literacy ratings within the national guidelines – meeting 5th – 6th grade literacy levels
  • Multiple languages with cultural sensitivities and diversity help you connect with viewers
  • Closed Captioned options for the hearing impaired
  • Objective health content that is brand-able to you or a sponsor
  • Behavior focused messaging with defined key learning objectives help deliver better outcomes

 Learn more about web licensing or DVD distribution to support your efforts by calling your Sales Rep or 800-432-8433.

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