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Good health is one of the most critical elements of a life well lived. Trillions of dollars are spent annually in the US alone on Healthcare.  Today's focus on patient-centric care, preventative wellness, cost reduction and value based care are reshaping health services across the globe. 

Health education plays a vital role in this new paradigm, and Milner-Fenwick is helping organizations lead the way through high quality video content. 

Our Mission: To inform and guide people toward better health through multi-media education.

The American Journal of Public Health emphasized the need for patient education that encourages a more interactive relationship, “… given that only 10% of health outcomes are a result of the medical care system, whereas from 50% to 60% are because of health behaviors. To change health behaviors, it will be necessary to engage (patients) in activities that reach beyond the clinical setting and incorporate community and public health systems.”

– American Journal of Public Health


Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, home health agencies, traveling nurses, private physicians, wellness coaches, nutritionists, diabetes educators, rehabilitation centers, population health and community based care all play an important role in keeping people well and managing acute care needs. We help you help them.

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Each and every one of us carries the burden of cost of today’s healthcare. Whether its employer provided health insurance, being self-insured, or through Medicare/Medicaid – the rising cost of health is something that affects us all. We educate the industry on the importance of health education and collaborate on the improvement of care.

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At bedside, via mHealth, through EMRs; patient portals; digital signage; on-demand; online or in ways we haven’t even imagined yet, Milner-Fenwick’s partners are reaching patients in engaging ways. Quality, best practice driven, behavior focused health education videos help their solutions resonate with individuals.

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Milner-Fenwick collaborates and supports health advocates across all categories: Public Health: health education, prevention and wellness; healthcare reform; associations, foundations and universities. We are a leading advocate in the importance of quality, behavior focused health education.

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