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The Wellness Network acquires Milner-Fenwick to become the largest provider of Health Education videos in the US

As of May 2017, Milner-Fenwick became a subsidiary of The Wellness Network, the largest in-hospital education television network in the US. Through this acquisition, we have expanded the ability to achieve our vision of a healthier, more empowered population through an expanded library offering as well as EMR integration and multi-platform delivery options.

"I'm a New Person"

Diabetes educator Michelle Sheldon Rubio has collaborated with Milner-Fenwick for many years. Diabetes Health Monitor tells the story of Michelle and her patient, La’Juan Way. We believe you will find it informative and inspiring.

Tips for Providing Better Patient Education

As an emergency room nurse, there are several times per day when I am presented with an opportunity to provide patient education. From dispelling common myths in triage to...

Educating the Patient with Diabetes

When patients are diagnosed with diabetes, they often can feel scared, lost, and/or confused. So when part of your job as a nurse is to educate diabetic patients about the condition and the changes they need to make in their lives, it’s important to know how to handle it.

Patient Ed Videos Are a Key Part in Improving COPD Outcomes

Improved measurements of Readmissions and HCAHPS scores can be linked directly to their timing and usage of educational efforts.

The Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool (PEMAT)

Every health educator wants to use educational materials that effectively help patients reach their goals. What’s needed is a tool that can help you evaluate the value of resources you are currently using and those under consideration.

How Milner-Fenwick Videos Stack Up to AHRQ's Standards

Milner-Fenwick has been developing patient education for over 35 years. Let's look at how Milner-Fenwick's HealthClips® stacks up with AHRQ's PEMAT quality standards.

HealthClips® Essentials Videos Newest Version 16.2

Milner-Fenwick has just released the newest version of HealthClips® Essentials, one of the preeminent libraries of patient education videos. Version 16.2 contains 691 titles in English, with 575 titles available in Spanish.

New Mom - New Baby

Addressing healthcare systems’ need to support new parents with engaging patient education, Milner-Fenwick has released a new video series to help support moms and babies during their time of great change.

The Impact of Knowledge: Patient Education Improves Compliance and Outcomes

The more clearly a disease is understood, the more likely it is that an individual will be comfortable with their care and adhere to necessary regimens.

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