Heart Surgery: The Care Pathway

A collection of heath videos taking patients from pre-op, through to home recovery including medications (warfarin and anti-coagulants) pain management and lifestyle changes.

For people having open heart surgery, like CABG or heart valve surgery, this reassuring and realistic video collection will help them take an active role in preparing for surgery and recovery. It gives patients an overview of what to expect and what to do and bring to the hospital. Actual patients share their experiences about having heart surgery and waking up in the ICU.

This collection covers what patients are likely to experience as they move along their recovery path in the hospital and includes discharge education to help patients transition to home. Covering what patients can expect before they leave the hospital and the guidelines for care during the first few weeks at home. Specific guidelines include the drive home, physical activity restrictions, continuing breathing exercises, developing a routine, taking medications, incision care, signs of infection, and follow-up appointments and the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation.

"Thank you for the opportunity to review the Heart Surgery series. I believe you have a great product to help patients get through their surgery.”

– Maureen Cywilko, BSN, RN, BC | St. Joseph’s Hospital + Health Center | Syracuse, NY

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