Patient Education Content Development Process

A Milner-Fenwick production involves careful thought and planning...

Titles are selected for production based on 3 important factors:

  • Medical Relevance

  • How they fit within our mission to inform and guide patients toward better health through Multimedia Education

  • Demand within the Market

Each new patient education video title is produced with a primary medical consultant.

The Milner-Fenwick production team and the medical consultant collaborate on the learning objectives and content for each production. When choosing consultants, we look for advisors who excel in the fields of expertise and for medical organizations and associations that are leaders in their related specialties. We may use several consultants on a program, for example an OB/GYN MD and a CDE in the case of our videos on Gestational Diabetes.

We use national clinical guidelines and best practice standards.

These standards are published by medical panels using evidence-based research are also used in our content development. The clinical guidelines used include, but are not limited to: Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality (AHRQ); American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR); American College of Cardiologists (ACC); American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG); American Diabetes Association (ADA); and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of HealthCare Organizations (JCAHO)

All programs go through a formal review process before their release date.

This process typically involves review by at least a dozen educators and clinicians across the country (names of reviewers for individual titles are available upon request). The reviewers provide feedback on content; identify potential problems with cultural treatment within the program; and provide an overall general review of the video. This process helps to uncover problems which are then corrected with editing or re-shooting.

Members of our evaluation panels are healthcare providers and educators.

The panels review our programs before their final releases
– provide feedback as to whether or not the program(s) they are reviewing meet national clinical standards and guidelines. If they do not, we make the necessary changes and re-edit the program.

Milner-Fenwick is committed to the integrity and growth of its HealthClips® library.

HealthClips® are reviewed by qualified medical professionals every one to five years to reflect current national guidelines and best practices.

Information about our production process including versioning of our products in Spanish or Arabic are available upon request.

If you have new product ideas, we'd like to talk with you. Find out more.

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