Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions Milner-Fenwick receive's about our products and services.

To filter the list of FAQs to a relevant topic, please select a category from the dropdown list below. If you do not see the answer to your question below, please contact us.

Milner-Fenwick, Inc. is a nationally-recognized producer and distributor of award-winning health and patient education videos. Since the 1970s, we have provided the healthcare industry with films and videos that educate and guide people toward better health. We now offer more videos on wellness, chronic conditions, medical procedures, and treatments than any other publisher. Read more in Who We Are and History.


HealthClips® includes over 665 videos, averaging 3-4 minutes in length. They are especially developed for healthcare websites, video on-demand TV systems, and other interactive learning environments. These short “building block” videos let you create menus of topics, video prescriptions, and playlists. 

Each video focuses on a single health topic, like condition-specific symptoms, and actionable learning points to guide behavior. HealthClips are accompanied by printable transcripts, open-ended teach-back questions, and comprehension questions.

InDepth Videos (formerly called In-Facility videos)

InDepth Videos average 15-20 minutes in length and are designed to show to patients during their healthcare visit or hospital stay. We offer over 140 titles that are perfect for inpatient TV systems, education on tablets, community outpatient classes, and other viewing environments. These videos tell the story from diagnosis to recovery, or from prevention to self-care. Many titles are also appropriate for use on a healthcare website.

HomeDVD Videos

Recognizing that patients are often discharged very quickly, these home videos provide an opportunity to further educate patients and families at home. They are typically 1-2 hours in length and divided into chapters, so viewers can quickly locate topics to review. Home video DVDs are sold in bulk for a low unit price. They can be branded with your facility’s name and logo.

(Videos purchased in bulk for "In-Home" use are not licensed for use within a public institution unless specified in writing. No public performance rights are provided.)

Waiting Room DVDs

Each waiting room DVD contains nearly 2 hours of HealthClips® videos interspersed with health tips and facts. They play continuously and automatically repeat, so they require no staff attention. We can create custom presentations for your facility. Many customers use our video presentations and add their own screens for health tips and facts.


In addition to videos, we offer diabetes PowerPoint® units, heart failure booklets, and other print products such as free transcripts and companion handouts for key videos.

We offer videos in a variety of digital formats, appropriate for use over On-Demand TV systems, websites, and other video delivery methods, including mHealth and EMR integration solutions.

Whether you need embed codes for web streaming, MPEG2, MPEG4, flash, or DVD we can provide the format you need. If you are not sure what the correct format is for your usage, we can help you. Please let us know your requirements and inquire about pricing.

Our programs can be found in thousands of hospitals across the US as well as in HMOs, medical clinics, physician practices and health departments. Other clients include pharmaceutical companies, corporate medical departments, wellness providers, home health agencies, and health insurance companies.

Improve compliance and empower patients

Our patient education products are a key element of healthcare today, increasing patient understanding while improving compliance and satisfaction. 

Save staff time while better educating patients and the public

Our programs save health educators and clinicians time by answering basic questions about managing chronic conditions, recovery guidelines after surgery, medication and patient safety, acute conditions and symptoms, and much more.

Support guidelines of the Joint Commission and government agencies

The videos help support the goals of government agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and accrediting organizations like the Joint Commission for improved patient care and education. 

Help reduce readmission rates

Many of our videos are designed especially for education at hospital discharge. They help healthcare providers reduce readmission rates, by empowering patients to prevent infections, accidents, and complications. 

Engage patients and improve patient satisfaction

Because our programs enhance the patient experience they will help hospitals improve HCAHPS scores for patient satisfaction. When you use Milner-Fenwick videos throughout your facility and on your website, patients will know that you care about them before, during, and after their visit.

Most Milner-Fenwick videos are available on this website for previewing. Register here to view full programs or to build your own collections. If you need assistance in registering to view our videos, please call (800) 432-8433. We can also send you DVDs for a free 15-day preview. We want you to be happy with your purchase and encourage you to try the programs with your patients and share them with other staff members before purchasing them. Your only obligation is to return any DVDs postage paid via an insured carrier.

Milner-Fenwick uses its 40 years of expertise in patient education video production to produce high quality, authoritative programs that you can count on. Each video is developed with leading medical experts and pre-tested and peer-reviewed before release. Read more in Patient Education Content Development Process and Protocol. Some videos are produced in cooperative with medical associations. 

All of our programs can be customized in a variety of ways. Some of the options include: personalized introductions; insertion of custom footage specific to your facility; and custom packaging. With minimal cost, we can make our productions look like they were produced by your organization. Talk with your sales representative with your ideas and for a quote on this type of work.

More information about Customization and Personalization

Yes. Our videos are available to use on your institution's broadcast or video on-demand TV system and/or web site. (see broadcast licensing fees for TV system). Please contact your account representative who will be happy to give you a price quote and send you a licensing agreement for your unique needs. With a variety of packages, there’s sure to be one that is right for you.

Yes. All DVDs, and CD-ROMs carry a one-year unconditional warranty against defects and workmanship. They will be replaced free of charge within the first year. After that time, defective products will be replaced at a discounted price. (DVDs and CD-ROMs scratched by the user of the product are not considered defects in the product or defects in workmanship.)

All HealthClips® Videos updates are provided at time of update for all licenses. You are entitled to a free exchange if an InDepth® video program is updated within one year of purchase. After the first year, there is a liberal discount based on a yearly sliding scale for updated programs. Please call about other types of products.

Over 485 HealthClips are available in Spanish and over 500 are available in Arabic. The videos are edited for cultural sensitivities and products. The HealthClips transcripts make it easy to translate any videos transcript using a translation service or online tool, although we urge caution when translating anything medical with dosing information, measurements or medications as this needs to be most accurate.

Most of our InDepth videos are available dubbed in the Spanish language. Many have graphics translated into Spanish as well. Check our catalog listings for more details on which programs have been translated.

All HealthClips® videos are closed-captioned for the hearing impaired community. Most of the InDepth videos (formerly called In-facility videos) have been closed-captioned. Check our product description listings for more details on which programs have been closed-captioned.

Yes. We distribute a number of high quality programs produced by independent producers and medical organizations that we feel are of value to the healthcare community. If you have produced your own patient education product or are considering one for development, please contact us for a marketing proposal.

Production Services

We employ a sizeable production staff and are actively involved in many new productions. This highly experienced staff is available to assist you in customizing our products for your organization, or to create a unique program to your exact specifications. We offer an extensive menu of services, including scripting, patient and healthcare provider recruitment, videotaping, animation, editing, narration recording, audio engineering, foreign language versioning, digital encoding, and package design and duplication.

Staff Training

Milner-Fenwick will help you to onboard your staff in implementing the health Education library. In person team meetings or web hosted training sessions will educate your staff on: the importance of patient education in achieving better outcomes, meeting compliance issues, and how to leverage the resource to drive impact.


A champion for health education, Milner-Fenwick has several qualified presenters for your next presentation, staff training, conference or board meeting.

If you have produced your own patient education products (video, or print) and would like to see it published nationally, please contact us. We will provide you with a thorough analysis of your product's sales potential as well as a marketing plan. We will also give you references of well known organizations whose products we distribute. If you want to combine Milner-Fenwick videos with your own videos to have an even richer educational offering online, we can help you do that too.

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