About Us

We’re helping to make real change happen...

Looking for Optimal Health Outcomes? Milner-Fenwick’s reputation for quality and service within the medical community is well established. Our products are used in more than 2000 hospitals, and extensively in offices, corporate wellness departments, health insurance and disease management companies and public health agencies.

Key Differentiators of Our Video Library:

  • Video Library Depth: Our content is extensive and deep in key areas such as heart failure and diabetes, with one of the most extensive wellness series. Check out our full library.
  • Production Quality and Experience: Our videos focus on evidence-based medicine and self-care strategies, rather than personalities or the latest trends. We use real-life subjects who've experienced the video topic area.
  • Ongoing Product Development: We are committed to frequently updating videos and producing new programs. New versions are released periodically. 
  • Shorter is Better: Our HealthClips® Essentials videos average 3-4 minutes in duration, offering a better length for patients not feeling well, and those with limited attention spans. 

Our Uniqueness:

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